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Selenium Testing Course Content


SSCYIENT is the premier online training provider with an in-depth intention to deliver quality online training in selenium tool which is the most industry driven automation tool. Become a selenium automation tester in USA with hands-on experience earned at the time of training. This course covers basic selenium tool introduction to the general concepts of automation tool and its role in test activities.


Training Highlights

  • Facilitated with Real time Experienced and Subject matter experts
  • Complete practical Oriented and hands on sessions
  • Two way interactive mode
  • Online help is provided we attend to your every query
  • Every session can be recorded
  • Dedicated support team to attend queries and resolve issues
  • Introducing Selenium

    • To Automate or Not to Automate? That is the Question!
    • Test Automation for Web Applications
    • Introducing Selenium
    • Selenium Components
    • Supported Browsers
    • Flexibility and Extensibility
    • Selenium Basics
    • Getting Started Choosing Your Selenium Tool
    • Introducing Selenium Commands
    • Test Suites
    • Commonly Used Selenium Commands

    Developing Test CasesWith Selenium-IDE

    • Introduction
    • Installing the IDE
    • Opening the IDE
    • IDE Features
    • Building Test Cases
    • Running Test Cases
    • Debugging
    • Writing a Test Suite
    • Executing Selenium-IDE Tests on Different Browsers
    • Troubleshooting


    Building Test Suites

    • Creating a test suite
    • Creating tests in a test suite
    • Adding a new test, in a test suite
    • Deleting a test from a test suite
    • Running a test suite from IDE
    • Running the test suite from Selenium Core
    • Analyzing the results

    Selenese Selenium Commands

    • Verifying Page Elements
    • Introduction to Locating Elements
    • Locating elements by identifiers
    • Locating elements by xPath
    • Locating elements by DOM
    • Introduction Matching Text Patterns
    • Matching Text Patterns - Regular expressions
    • Matching Text Patterns Glob
    • Matching Text Patterns exact
    • The AndWait Commands
    • Sequence of Evaluation and Flow Control
    • Store Commands and Selenium Variables
    • JavaScript and Selenese Parameters
    • echo - The Selenese Print Command


    • Introduction
    • How It Works
    • Installation
    • From Selenese to a Program
    • Programming Your Test
    • Learning the API
    • Retrieving and Reporting Results
    • Adding Some Spice to Your Tests
    • How the Server Works
    • Server Command Line options
    • Troubleshooting


    Selenium-RC, JUnit with Eclipse

    • Configuring JUnit with eclipse
    • Setting up eclipse
    • Setting up Selenium cline drivers
    • Starting Selenium RC Server
    • Building the test scripts using eclipse
    • Running the test scripts from eclipse
    • Understanding the test run from eclise
    • Generating the test log and understanding


    Selenium Grid

    • Setting up the Selenium Grid
    • Ensuring the validity of ant build
    • Starting the hub
    • Starting the Selenium Remote controls on different platforms
    • Running the tests parallel
    • Running the tests sequential
    • Analyzing the results


    Selenium-RC, JUnit, Testing with Eclipse

    • Installing the Testing on eclipse
    • Configuring Testing libraries with Eclipse
    • Understanding the Scripts in Testing format
    • Exporting the Tests from Selenium IDE
    • Adding the necessary methods to work with Testing
    • Running the tests with Testing
    • Understanding the reports generated by Testing
    • Creating a XML file for running the tests though Testing
    • Working on a case study

    Working with user extensions

    • Understanding the significance of adding the user extensions
    • Working with user extensions
    • Adding function libraries to user extensions
    • Configuring the user extensions
    • Accessing the function libraries from Selenium IDE
    • Running the tests with extended functions from Selenium IDE

    Working with Selenium IDE extensions


    • Understanding the significance of Selenium IDE extensions
    • Working with Selenium IDE extensions
    • Configuring the Selenium IDE extensions
    • Recording the new script with new Selenium IDE extensions
    • Running the test with new Selenium IDE extensions
    • Converting the tests to Java or other languages
    • Running the tests from Selenium RC
    • Generating the reports
    • Working on a sample case study


    Selenium Test Design Considerations

    • Web Page Content Static vs. Dynamic Pages
    • UI Mapping with Selenium
    • Creating a shared object repository with Selenium
    • Writing a frame work


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