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Oracle BPM Online Training


Process Modeling

  • Introduction
  • Modeling business processes with BPM
  • Simulating the BPM Application development lifecycle
  • Modeling a fictitious organization
  • Creating Business Process Flow
  • Creating and defining projects
  • Defining Role and Organization Units
  • Organizing processes using swimlanes
  • Adding user interaction to Process Flow
  • Controlling Process Flow—Defining exclusive gateways
  • Controlling Process Flow—Implementing Exclusive Gateways
  • Controlling Process Flow—Parallel gateways
  • Controlling Process Flow—Sequence Flows
  • Communicating with external processes and services
  • Changing the value of Data objects in your process
  • Creating Business objects in a Business Catalog
  • Adding documentation to the Flow Element
  • Creating MDS for BPM
  • Publishing a BPM Project in BPM Studio to MDS

Process Implementation

  • Introduction
  • Defining an Interactive task
  • Generating a Task Form for an Interactive task
  • Creating a common Interactive task
  • Generating a common Task Form
  • Assigning the same Human Task to different Interactive tasks
  • Creating Data associations
  • Implementing Service Tasks
  • Configuring a Data association for conditional flow

Process Deployment and Testing

  • Introduction
  • Connecting to the Application Server running SOA Suite
  • Building and Compiling a BPM Project
  • Deploying the Project
  • Testing Process: Triggering the process
  • Debugging the process

Business Rules in the BPM Process

  • Introduction
  • Extending Human Tasks
  • Adding a Business object
  • Creating a dictionary
  • Defining Globals and Bucketsets
  • Defining the Rule: Decision Table
  • Adding gateways and Human Tasks
  • Defining the Rule: IF/THEN
  • Testing the rules

Human Workflow in BPM Process

  • Introduction
  • Creating Human Task Service Components
  • Creating task definition and the task payload
  • Defining assignments—stage and single participant
  • Defining assignments—sequential stage and serial participant
  • Defining assignments—management chain participant
  • Defining Assignments—parallel participant type
  • Testing the process

Process Simulation

  • Introduction
  • Defining simulation models
  • Defining simulation definition
  • Running a simulation
  • Analyzing simulation results
  • Reengineering the BPM Process to improve performance

Exception Management

  • Introduction
  • Handling Business Exception in a subprocess
  • Handling a system exception—Fault Management Framework
  • Handling the timeout exception—Timer event
  • Faulting the process

BPM and SOA in Concert

  • Introduction
  • Invoking asynchronous service using message events
  • Invoking synchronous service using service task
  • Calling a BPM process
  • Initiating BPM from JMS
  • Exposing BPMN process as a service

End User Interaction

  • Introduction
  • Interacting through BPM Workspace
  • Working on the Process Instance
  • Interacting through Process Spaces

Communicating with SOA Suite

  • Introduction
  • Invoking a SCA composite synchronously from an OSB service
  • Invoking a SCA composite asynchronously from an OSB service
  • Invoking an OSB service from SCA composite synchronously
  • Invoking an OSB service from SCA composite asynchronously
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