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Oracle B2B Online Training



  • Introducing E-Commerce
  • Introducing Oracle B2B
  • Describing B2B Infrastructure
  • Describing B2B topologies

Oracle B2B Standards and Technical Concepts

  • Introducing B2B standards
  • Comparing B2B standards
  • Understanding Document Management concepts
  • Understanding Trading Partner Management concepts
  • Understanding Deployment concepts
  • Understanding B2B Report concepts
  • Understanding B2B System Management concepts
  • Introducing Oracle B2B Interface

Document Management: Creating Guidelines

  • Introducing Document Editor and its components
  • Introducing Document Protocols
  • Creating Guideline files
  • Publishing, Printing and Exporting a Guideline Document
  • Generating the data using Data Generator Wizard
  • Analyzing data using the Analyzer Wizard

Document Management: Configuring Oracle B2B

  • Understanding Document Hierarchy
  • Creating Document Definitions

Partner Management: Creating Profiles

  • Creating Trading Partner Profiles
  • Creating Trading Partner Users
  • Adding Document Definitions
  • Configuring Delivery Channels

Creating and Deploying Agreement

  • Introducing Agreements
  • Creating and deploying Agreements
  • Deleting Agreements

Reporting: Oracle B2B and Enterprise Manager

  • Introducing Reports
  • Understanding various types of Reports


  • Introducing B2B Metrics
  • Diagnosing different types of errors
  • Understanding the B2B System and Partner Metrics

Oracle B2B Security

  • Describing Users and Roles in Oracle B2B
  • Describing Document Obfuscation and Document Provisioning
  • Understanding the Secure Socket Layer

System Management

  • Managing Deployments
  • Creating Types
  • Importing and Exporting B2B Design-time Data
  • Batching EDI Messages
  • Managing Callouts
  • Configuring Listening Channels
  • Configuring B2B Parameters

Interoperability in Oracle B2B

  • Introducing B2B Configuration Wizard
  • Understanding the SOA/B2B Interoperability
  • Understanding Exception handling techniques
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