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Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2010 Online Training


General Introduction

  • What is IIS
  • IIS Website & Web Application
  • Steps to Create Multiple Website on Port 80
  • What is Application Pool
  • What is AppDomain
  • What is ISAPI Filter / Extension
  • Web Garden & Web Farm
  • HTTPS and SSL
  • Active Directory users and groups creation

Introduction to SharePoint

  • What is SharePoint
  • High Level Features
  • Six Pillars of SharePoint 2010
  • Version History of SharePoint
  • Role of SharePoint Server in LAN.
  • Components in SharePoint
  • Developers Onion View of SharePoint.

SharePoint Installation and Administration

  • Hardware & Software Requirements
  • Supported Browser
  • Types of Installation
  • Software’s to be Installed
  • Central Administration Site
  • Managed Accounts
  • Configuration To Send and Receive E-Mail

SharePoint Site Hierarchy

  • SharePoint Site Hierarchy
  • Web Application
  • Site Collection
  • Creating Site and Sub Site
  • SharePoint site Home Page.
  • Branding Site Look and Feel
  • Working with Quota Templates
  • Save Site as Template
  • Create Site from Template Lists
  • Overview of Lists
  • Create Custom List
  • Add Custom Columns
  • Site Columns and Groups
  • Sort and Filter List
  • Create / Manage List View
  • Content Type
  • List Template
  • Versioning of Data
  • Metadata Navigation Settings
  • List Throttling

Predefined List & Libraries

  • Predefined Lists
  • Predefined Libraries
  • Editing Document properties
  • Version Settings
  • Check out, edit, and check in files.
  • Create folders and navigate between them
  • Adding Documents
  • Document Template
  • Document Workspace

Security – User Groups and Permissions

  • Authentication vs. Authorization
  • Creating users and groups in Active Directory
  • SharePoint Groups
  • Creating Custom Permissions Groups
  • Granting Permission to User/groups
  • To Create a Custom Permission level
  • To bind Users/Groups and Permission Level
  • Managing Permissions in Sub site.
  • Allow Users to create their own site
  • To Set Site Confirmation and Deletion of unused sites
  • Permissions for Lists / Libraries / ListItems

Claim Based Authentication

  • How does Claims Based Authentication works?
  • Creating SQL Server Database for authentication using Membership and Role Provider
  • Creating Web Application using CBA.
  • Allowing Anonymous Access in a Web Application
  • Enable Form Based Authentication
  • Editing web.config of Web Application, Central Admin Application and STS
  • Zones in SharePoint
  • Creating an Alternate Access Mapping

Enterprise Content Management

  • Managed Metadata Service
  • Term, Termsets& Keywords
  • Enterprise Content Type
  • Document sets
  • Document ID Service and IDs
  • Content Organizer and Automatic routing
  • In Place Record Management

User Profile Service Administration

  • What is Social Computing?
  • Managing User Profiles
  • User Profile Service Application
  • Synchronization Service
  • Working with Audience
  • Tags and Notes
  • Working with MySite

Administering and configuring Search

  • Purpose of Enterprise Search solution
  • Microsoft Server Side Search Products
  • What’s New in SharePoint Search Server 2010
  • Logical architecture for the Enterprise Search Components
  • Setting up Search Service Application
  • Configuring Crawler Settings
  • Queries and Results Settings
  • Search Administration at the Site Collection Level
  • Creating Keywords, Definitions, Best Bets and Synonyms
  • Creating Search Scopes


  • Overview of PowerShell
  • Pipelining of cmdlets
  • Windows PowerShell Scripts
  • Using .NET Objects
  • SharePoint PowerShell Snap-In
  • Creating/Managing a Web Application
  • Creating/Managing Site Collection and Site

Backup and Restore

  • Complete Backup of Web Application
  • Complete Restore of Web Application
  • Granular Backup of Site Collection
  • Exporting & Importing of List

Server Object Model

  • Using Microsoft.SharePoint.DLL
  • Site Architecture and Object Overview
  • SPWebApplication, SPSite, SPWeb, SPList and more…
  • Sample Programs to understand the Object Model


  • Introduction to CAML
  • Writing CAML Queries
  • Implementing Join
  • LINQ Introduction
  • LINQ to SharePoint

Client Object Model

  • Managed Object Model
  • Silverlight Client Object Model
  • Javascript Client Object Model
  • Using SharePoint Web Services in Client Application

SharePoint Tools for Visual Studio 2010

  • Visual Studio Project templates for SharePoint 2010
  • Server Explorer, Feature Designer, Package Explorer
  • Building and Deploying Solutions in Visual Studio 2010 for SharePoint 2010


  • SharePoint Root Directory
  • Features Overview
  • Features Scope
  • Create a new feature and Deploying Features using VS2010
  • Feature Events
  • Manage SharePoint Solution (WSP) using PowerShell Commands

Visual Studio Templates

  • Creating Content Type.
  • Creating SharePoint List Definition with List Instance.
  • Modify the User Interface Using Custom Actions

Event Receivers

  • Event Handlers - Before events and After Events.
  • Event receiver base classes.
  • Registering Event Handlers
  • Example of Before Events
  • Programming After Events

Working with WebParts

  • Building a Simple Web Part
  • Persisting Properties
  • Editing Properties in Editor WebPart
  • Developing Custom Editor WebPart
  • Composite Web Part
  • Visual Web Part
  • Web Part Communication.

Sandboxed Solutions

  • What is Sandboxed Solution.
  • Comparing Farm Solution with Sandbox Solutions.
  • Benefits of using sandboxed solutions.
  • To enable sandboxed solutions by using Central Administration.
  • Create a Sandboxed Solution Project with a web part.
  • Build and Deploy the Sandboxed Solution.
  • Using Windows PowerShell for Administration Sandboxed Solutions.


  • About InfoPath 2010
  • Creating SharePoint list and Publishing in SharePoint site
  • Creating Form and Publishing to SharePoint site
  • Deploy Form Templates That Contain Form Code That Requires Full Trust
  • Writing Custom Code in InfoPath Form
  • Walkthrough to Delete SharePoint list items from InfoPath form

Business Connectivity Service

  • Creating a BDC Project in VS.NET
  • Working with Entities and Methods
  • Type Descriptor
  • Using Data in External List
  • Granting Permissions to the BDC List.


  • What is Workflow
  • SharePoint Workflows
  • 3-State Workflow
  • Approval Workflow
  • Custom Workflow: Role of Visio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 and VS-2010
  • Building Workflow with Visio 2010
  • Building Workflow with SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Developing Workflow with Visual Studio 2010
  • Adding Association Forms in Visual Studio 2010

SharePoint Designer Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010

  • Creating / Opening a site in SPD 2010
  • Creating / Customizing Lists and Libraries
  • Ghosted and Unghosted Pages
  • Understand Master Pages
  • Branding SharePoint 2010
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