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Hyperion Ess Base Online Training


Hyperion Essbase Online Course Content

Online Analytical Processing Overview

  • Data Transformation
  • Multidimensional View of Information
  • Multidimensional Data Model
  • OLAP Solutions

Analytic Services Overview

  • Business Performance Management
  • Hyperion System 9 Overview
  • Hyperion Analytic Solution
  • Analytic Services
  • Analytic Administration Services

Creating Multidimensional Databases

  • Life Cycle of the Essbase Analytics Database Design
  • Creating Essbase Analytics Applications and Databases
  • Creating and Managing Database Outlines
  • Creating Time, Accounts, and Scenario Dimensions

Enhancing Database Outlines

  • Creating Business-view Dimensions
  • Specifying Consolidation Operators and Defining Calculations
  • Setting Time Balance Properties
  • Creating Label-Only and Shared Members
  • Defining Duplicate Member Names and Member Aliases
  • Creating Attribute Dimensions

Loading Data

  • Data Load Options
  • Loading Data from Flat Files
  • Performing Free-Form Data Loads
  • Loading Data with Rules Files
  • Loading Data from SQL Data Sources

Calculating the Essbase Analytics Database

  • Outline Calculations
  • Calculation Scripts
  • Two-Pass Calculations
  • Dynamic Calculations
  • Dynamic Time Series

Retrieving Data

  • Smart View Overview
  • Connecting to the Analytic Serverv
  • Retrieving Multidimensional Data into Two-dimensional Spreadsheet Reports
  • Navigating Through Spreadsheet Reports
  • Manipulating Multidimensional Data
  • Installing the Web Server
  • Smart View Options

Advanced Spreadsheet Reporting

  • Updating Data on the Analytic Server
  • Creating Free-Form Reports
  • Selecting Members
  • Creating Reusable Queries
  • Extending the Spreadsheet Environment with Visual Explorer

Storing Analytic Data

  • Data Storage Options
  • Block Storage
  • Block Storage
  • Aggregate Storage

Integration with BI+ Reporting Tools

  • BI+ Architecture
  • Workspace Overview and User Interface
  • Browsing the Repository
  • Working with BI+ Content
  • Previewing Financial Reports
  • Grouping Financial Reports into Books

Extending Analytic Reporting Using Web Analysis

  • Web Analysis Overview
  • Viewing Web Analysis Documents in Workspace
  • Analyzing Query Results in Workspace
  • Creating Web Analysis Documents
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