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Hadoop Online Training


SSCYIENT is the premier online training provider with excellent and real time faculty. Our Hadoop Big Data course content designed as per the current IT industry requirement. Apache Hadoop is having very good demand in the market, huge number of job openings are there in the IT world. Based on this demand we started providing Online classes on g through the various Online Training methods like Gotomeeting, Webex, Zoom.


Training Highlights

  • Facilitated with Real time Experienced and Subject matter experts
  • Complete practical Oriented and hands on sessions
  • Two way interactive mode
  • Online help is provided we attend to your every query
  • Every session can be recorded
  • Dedicated support team to attend queries and resolve issues
  • 1.Getting Started

    What is Hadoop?
    History of Hadoop
    Building Blocks – Hadoop Eco-System
    Who is behind Hadoop?
    What Hadoop is good for and why it is Good


    Configuring HDFS
    Interacting With HDFS
    HDFS Permissions and Security
    Additional HDFS Tasks
    HDFS Overview and Architecture
    HDFS Installation
    Hadoop File System Shell
    File System Java API


    Map/Reduce Overview and Architecture
    Developing Map/Red Jobs
    Input and Output Formats
    Job Configuration
    Job Submission
    Practicing Map Reduce Programs (atleast 10 Map Reduce Algorithms )

    4.Getting Started With Eclipse IDE

    Configuring Hadoop API on Eclipse IDE
    Connecting Eclipse IDE to HDFS

    5.Hadoop Streaming

    6.Advanced MapReduce Features

    • Custom Data Types
    • Input Formats
    • Output Formats
    • Partitioning Data
    • Reporting Custom Metrics
    • Distributing Auxiliary Job Data

    7.Distributing Debug Scripts

    8.Using Yahoo Web Services


    • Pig Overview
    • Installation
    • Pig Latin
    • Pig with HDFS

    10. Hive

    • HiveOverview
    • Installation
    • HiveQL
    • Hive Unstructured Data Analyzation
    • Hive Semistructured Data Analyzation


    • HBase Overview and Architecture
    • HBase Installation
    • HBase Shell
    • CRUDoperations
    • Scanning and Batching
    • Filters
    • HBase Key Design


    • Zoo Keeper Overview
    • Installation
    • Server Mantainace


    • Sqoop Overview
    • Installation
    • Imports and Exports


    • Basic Setup
    • Important Directories
    • Selecting Machines
    • Cluster Configurations
    • Small Clusters: 2-10 Nodes
    • Medium Clusters: 10-40 Nodes
    • Large Clusters: Multiple Racks


    16.Putting it all together

    • Distributed installations
    • Best Practices
    Other Courses
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