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1 ETL Testing Online Training


2 Purpose of Datawarehouse

3 Tools used to Load data into the data warehouse

4 About Datawarehouse Testing

5 Need for ETL Testing

6 ETL Testing phases

  • Business understanding
  • Test plan creation
  • Test environment setup
  • Test script generations
  • Execution
  • Reporting

7 How is ETL Testing different from normal Testing

8 How to ensure no data loss

9 Transformation Rules

10 Data validation Strategies

  • Data file loads
  • Data validation with in staging tables to check all Mapping rules
  • Data validation with in Target tables to ensure data is present in required format

11 Staging Area

  • Test approach and procedure in staging area

12 SOR Area

  • Test approach and procedure in SOR area

13 Datamarts Area

  • Test approach and procedure in Datamarts area

14 Live project examples of ETL Testing with Data stage ETL Tool

15 Most commonly used SQL oracle queries useful in ETL Testing

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